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While we’re now able to provide in-person care as per the BC Ministry of Health and College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (CPTBC), we’ve made a number of adjustments to our appointment procedures to ensure the safety of our clients, community, and clinic team.

Please review the steps below that need to be followed before, during, and after each in-person appointment at our clinic. We are incredibly appreciative of your willingness to follow these standards to promote the health and safety of everyone! We would hug you if we could 😀



/// FORMS ///

On the day of your in-person appointment, we will require you to complete an online ‘COVID-19 Client Health Screen’ beforehand. You’ll receive a separate email to complete this health screen 2 hours before your appointment. This allows us to have the most up-to-date information regarding your health status as COVID-19 symptoms can change rapidly. This form ensures you are an appropriate candidate for in-person care, and are comfortable with the risks associated with an in-person appointment. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER THE FACILITY UNTIL THIS FORM IS COMPLETED! We know this may seem extreme, but this is a requirement by our regulatory body (the College of Physical Therapists of BC).

If you are unable access or find this form in your email, please call us in advance of your scheduled time (📞 250-590-5840) and we’ll complete the questionnaire with you over the phone. Alternatively, we can also complete it with you outside at the front door of the clinic when you arrive.


If screening reveals you may be at risk of COVID-19, we will refer you to a testing centre and defer your appointment until we get an update regarding your test results.



When you arrive, please wait outside the clinic 5 minutes before your appointment. A member of our admin team will come to the door to let you in when we’re ready for you. If we don’t see you, we’ll call your cell phone number that we have on file if you have decided to wait elsewhere or in your vehicle.

If you don’t see us, please call the clinic (📞 250-590-5840) or knock on the door. We have likely stepped away momentarily from the front desk to assist another client or clean a treatment room.

If you will be arriving by bicycle, please park your bike in an empty rack instead of locking it next to another bicycle. There are two racks at the front doors and one larger one immediately to the right of the main entrance. But if you are seeing us for a BikeFit®, please bring it inside with you!

As mentioned above, if you haven’t had the chance to complete the ‘Client Health Screening Questionnaire’, here’s your chance to do it while you’re waiting! Again, you can access it by CLICKING HERE.


/// MASKS ///

Everyone who enters the clinic is REQUIRED to wear a face mask. As of November 20th, 2020, we now require ALL clients to wear a surgical/medical grade mask OR respirator (N95 or KN95 mask) for an added layer of safety due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in BC. If you don’t have a mask, please let our admin team know when they call you in so they can provide you with one upon arrival. This mask will be waiting for you on a hanger immediately to your left at the front doors next to the hand sanitizing station. Masks will be provided FREE OF CHARGE.

IF YOU HAVE A MASK, PLEASE ENSURE THAT IT IS ON AS YOU ENTER THE CLINIC. If you refuse to wear a mask, you will not be allowed in.

See our Face Mask Types and Usage page if you’d like more information, and check out this BCCDC infographic on how to properly put on, wear, and remove a face mask.



Please leave all personal items (including jackets, water bottles, bags, and hats) in your vehicle or at home if possible. If you will be arriving by bicycle, we kindly ask that you lock your helmet to your bike.



Unfortunately, no one will be allowed to accompany you to your appointment at this time, unless you’re under the age of 16 and require a parent/guardian, OR you would typically have an assistant with you for safety or mobility concerns. Service dogs are of course permitted.

If someone needs to accompany you, please let our admin team know in advance so we can ensure that they also complete our ‘Client Screening Questionnaire’ and prepare a mask for them if needed.



Once you have entered the clinic, you must stop at the hand sanitizing station and sanitize your hands. Please ensure that a member of our team is watching as we need to document that your hands have been cleaned (sorry, we’ll ensure it doesn’t feel creepy). If we’re providing you with a mask, please sanitize your hands immediately AFTER putting on the mask.

If you would rather sing “Happy Birthday” twice while scrubbing your hands with hot water and soap, please let us know so we can assist you. We have some amazing vocalists on our team 🗣️🎶



After entering the clinic with sanitized hands and your mask on, please stand on the “X” on the floor at the front desk and a member of our admin team will direct you to your treatment room. If someone is already standing there, we have placed two other “X”s on the floor to the left of the front desk where our waiting chairs used to be. You won’t be standing on these for long as we will be getting people to their treatment rooms as quickly as possible to keep the number of people in the reception/waiting area to a minimum. Please avoid touching any surfaces while in the reception/waiting area… which might be tough as we have a lot of neat things! And sorry for having to remove all the magazines.



We strongly encourage you to use your washroom at home or work prior to leaving for your appointment. If you do need to use the washroom, please let a member of our team know so that we can thoroughly sanitize the washroom afterwards. If you want to be more discrete, you can use the secret phrase “twinkle toes” so we know 😉



Once you enter the treatment room, you will notice that we have removed the fabric chair and have replaced it with a taped square on the ground. Please place your personal belongings (which we hope you have kept to a minimum) within the square and take a seat on the treatment table. This helps us know exactly where we should be cleaning after you leave.



Your physiotherapist will enter the room wearing a mask. If we normally shake your hand, we’ll do an air High-Five or wave in place of it. The appointment itself will take place fully in the treatment room – only under specific circumstances will clients be using our gym space. This may mean that certain equipment will be brought into the room for use during the appointment. All equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each use or quarantined for 3 days after use.

If we need to perform techniques that require close physical contact, we will wear a gown and may ask you to do the same.



Follow-up appointments will be booked by your physiotherapist in the treatment room. Once the appointment has been booked, you will exit the room and head to the reception/waiting area at the front of the clinic. You will walk back and stand on the “X” at the front desk where our admin team will be seated behind a piece of Plexiglas. Our admin will confirm payment with you and determine if there is an amount owing. If your account is settled, you may go-ahead and exit the clinic.


/// PAYMENT ///

If there is an amount owing, we would greatly appreciate the use of contactless payment via credit/debit card tap, e-transfer, or Bitcoin transfer (yup, you read that right!) to settle your account. Payment type/methods will ideally be confirmed in advance of your appointment, and then charged the same way for each following appointment. You will receive an electronic receipt via email.

We are more than happy to continue accepting cash and cheques, but it’ll be a tad awkward. Without boring you further here, we’ll show you how this works when you’re in the clinic. As such, we would greatly appreciate if you could utilize the payment methods mentioned above 👍



When you’re ready to leave, please sanitize your hands again upon exiting the clinic. If you’re disposing a single-use mask, please do so in the large cardboard mask recycling bin located to your right at the front doors, then sanitize your hands after removal. Open the door with your clean hands or by using your elbow, shoulder, or back.


/// THAT’S IT! ///

Thanks so much for your cooperation! We appreciate your help as we all work together to keep each other healthy and safe 😀