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Run well, run fast, run injury free.

RunFIt Running Analysis and Program Design at Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC

What is RunFit?

  • Everyone should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves — our RunFit Running Assessment will give you the tools to do exactly that
  • This assessment is designed to ensure that a runner’s body is well tuned to perform and prevent injury
  • You’ll be assessed by our running expert Jeremy Lynn – Physiotherapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and Ironman/Ultrarunner – and you’ll work with him to design a fully customized training program that works for your needs and goals

What’s Involved/Included?

  • A short interview to gather information about your health and running history, followed by a physical assessment to identify any issues that could affect running ability
  • Once issues (if any) have been identified, treadmill video analysis will be performed to assess your current gait type — modifications to running gait will be suggested by the physiotherapist if warranted
  • If you chose to do so, further questions will be asked to develop a personalized 4-month running program, which includes training types and volume, warm-ups, gait cues, home exercises, taper plans etc

Who’s it For?

  • Anyone who is looking to complete their first 5k race all the way up to Ironman and ultra-running events (and anywhere in between!)
  • We’re happy to help anyone achieve their goals!