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To book a TeleRehab/E-Physio appointment with us, you can book online or email/call us to book. You will be asked to make to make a Jane account when you book online, but if you do so over the phone or via email, then we will send you an email to set one up.

It’s worth noting now (to avoid entering “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier!” territory) thatΒ Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge browser do not work with Zoom at this time 😟

You will receive the link to connect to your TeleRehab session in a separate email to your appointment reminder that gets sent 48 hours in advance from ‘Dockside Physiotherapy’, and looks a little something like this…

TeleRehab Appointment Link Email from Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC

Embodia is a continuing education platform for clinicians and patients and a partner of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. We access ZOOM for Healthcare through Embodia as they provide an extra layer of security and ensure everything meets Canadian healthcare privacy protection standards.

But enough of all this… on to the good stuffs!

Click on the Embodia email and you’ll find the information you need to access your online appointment. (Note: Pat Ella is not a real person – the name is a geeky anatomy joke πŸ˜‚)

TeleRehab Appointment Embodia Email from Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC

So… now you have a couple options: Option 1 is simpler, Option 2 is a bit more complicated but has a lot of firepower!

Option 1:

  • Click the orange “Join Consult” button and be taken right to ZOOM. Other than ensuring the connection is secure, this bypasses the Embodia ecosystem entirely which makes it the simpler option.
  • If you have used ZOOM in the past, you may already have it installed on your computer, in which case you will likely be presented with this screen…

TeleRehab Appointment with Zoom Pre-installed at Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC

  • If so, you can click on the “Open Zoom” button and you’ll be taken to this screen…

TeleRehab Appointment Connecting to Chat with Zoom at Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC

  • If not, then you’ll be prompted to install it (by either downloading it first and then installing it, or running it). You should see something like this pop-up at the bottom of the screen…

TeleRehab Appointment Installing Zoom File at Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC

  • Once installed, then you’ll see the screen above, and shortly after your Physiotherapist’s smiling face πŸ˜€