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Focus on your ride, not your sore spots!

Nothing is more annoying than saddle discomfort, sore knees, an achy neck, or numb hands. Let our BikeFit® Canada Certified Physiotherapist help get you comfortable and more efficient for your next ride or race.

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What is BikeFit®?

  • BikeFit® is a system designed to ensure that a cyclist’s body dimensions and mechanics are matched/fitted to that of their bike to achieve maximum comfort and cycling efficiency
  • You’ll be fitted by our BikeFit® certified Physiotherapist

What’s Involved/Included?

  • A short interview to gather information about a rider’s health and cycling history
  • Once issues have been identified, visual and/or video analysis will be performed to get a sense of the rider’s current cycling position
  • Joint angles are then measured at the elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee
  • Adjustments are then made (as required) to the saddle height and fore/aft/tilt, stem length, handlebar drop/rotation, and hood position
  • A frontal pedal stoke evaluation is then performed and cleat adjustments are made (such as fore/aft, medial/lateral, rotation) – wedges and pedal spacers may also be added
  • Bike measurements are completed at the end so you have a spec sheet which you can refer to if needed at a later time

Who’s it For?

  • BikeFit® is suitable for all ages and abilities – it’s great if you are an ultra-athlete or superhero cyclist, but you don’t have to be!
  • Most people we see are weekend warriors or work commuters looking to be more comfortable as they ride
  • We’re happy to fit anyone 😃

BikeFit® at Dockside Physiotherapy Victoria BC