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How can Physiotherapy Help with Concussion?

⚠️PLEASE NOTE⚠️ If you wish to book a TeleRehab/Virtual, some aspects of assessment and treatment may be limited with this appointment type as opposed to In-Person appointments. If you wish to do a TeleRehab/Virtual appointment but you are unable to look at a screen, we will likely need to conduct your appointment over the phone.

Getting hit on the head isn’t always a concern unless symptoms such as headaches, mental fogginess, mood changes, poor concentration, and visual disturbances last longer than expected. The good news is that the majority of concussions are treatable with a little help. With a comprehensive exam, we’ll determine what’s triggering your symptoms and create a treatment plan to help your noggin heal.

This service is offered by our certified concussion therapists Nina Bai and Evan Thomas. For those with complex and long-standing concussive symptoms, it may be more appropriate to see our chronic pain therapist Chris Lamb. If you are unsure who to see, please call or email the clinic for more information.