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Focus on your ride, not your sore spots!

Nothing is more annoying than saddle discomfort, sore knees, an achy neck, or numb hands. Let our BikeFit® Canada Certified Physiotherapist help get you comfortable and more efficient for your next commute, ride, or race.

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What is Bike Fitting?

  • Bike Fitting ensures that a cyclist’s body dimensions and mechanics are matched/fitted to that of their bike to achieve maximum comfort and cycling efficiency
  • This system takes into account a person’s bike, body measurements, biomechanics, flexibility, range of motion, and riding style to create a customized bike fit.
  • The goal of a bike fit is to optimize rider position to help minimize the risk of injury, prevent muscle fatigue, and improve overall performance.

Why Choose Us?

  • You’ll be fitted to your own bike that you bring into the clinic! – we’ll do everything for you vs providing you with a list of adjustments to figure out on your own at home
  • Fittings are performed by Evan Thomas, our BikeFit® Canada Certified Bike Fitter Physiotherapist, which means you can use your health benefits plan (e.g. Manulife, Canada Life, etc) in most cases – PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to direct bill Pacific Blue Cross or Sunlife for this service and you will need to self-submit.

What’s Involved / Included?

  • A short interview to gather information about your health, cycling history, currently cycling volume, and cycling goals
  • Visual and/or video analysis to get a sense of your current posture and riding position on the bike
  • Joint angle measurements at the elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee to direct what changes need to be made to your bike setup
  • Adjustments to the saddle height and angle, saddle fore/aft position, stem length, handlebar drop/rotation, and hood position (as required) – included in 1 hour fit
  • A side/lateral view pedal stroke evaluation and measurement to determine if fore/aft adjustments are needed to the cleat position – included in 2 hour fit
  • A frontal view pedal stroke evaluation and observation of knee, hip, and ankle motion to determine if medial/lateral and/or rotational cleat adjustments on your cycling shoes are required – wedges and pedal spacers may be added – included in 2 hour fit
  • Bike measurements are completed at the end so you have a spec sheet which you can refer to if needed at a later time

What about Bike Sizing?

  • At this time, we unfortunately do not have a Fit Bike (such as one made by Shimano, Retul, or Purely Custom) to perform a pre-fit before the purchase of a new bike, but this is a service that a few local bike shops offer.
  • HOWEVER, if you are looking to buy a used bicycle and want to bring it in to see if it’s the right size for you and there is enough room for making adjustments, we can certainly help! Please contact us before booking this option.

What should You Bring?

  • Please bring your bike! This sounds obvious, but a few folks have shown up empty handed…
  • Your normal cycling kit / clothing
  • A water bottle (as it can get warm)
  • Extra bike parts you want to try (bars, stems, saddles, etc)

How should You Prepare for the Appointment?

  • We kindly ask that you clean your bike prior to your bicycle fitting session… but it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  • Please ensure your bike is in good working order and that you have replaced any parts that need fixing / replacing (especially if these parts are involved in the fitting process)

What Types of Bicycles do we Fit?

  • Road Bikes
  • Gravel Bikes
  • Time Trial and Triathlon Bikes
  • Cyclocross Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Hybrid and Commuter Bikes
  • E-Bikes (please contact to book)
  • Cargo Bikes (please contact to book)

Who’s it For?

  • A professional bike fit is suitable for all ages and abilities 😃 – from weekend warriors and commuters to racers and superhero cyclists!

Experience the difference of a professionally fitted bike – contact us today for a BikeFit® appointment and elevate your cycling journey to new heights of comfort and performance.