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Our goal is to ensure you are successful in your rehabilitation.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome, it’s important to attend your scheduled appointments as part of your treatment plan that we develop together.

We put 💯% of our effort into your rehabilitation, so we hope to get 💯% commitment from you. We reserve the time in our schedule specifically for you, so we ask for your cooperation by making every effort to keep and attend your scheduled appointments. No-showing or late cancelling an appointment not only affects your treatment plan and recovery, but also leaves an unpaid hole in your therapist’s schedule, and more importantly prevents other patients from getting treatment who could have utilized the time-slot.

But we aren’t heartless robots! 🤖 We understand life can be hectic and unforeseeable events can pop-up suddenly that require you to change or miss your appointment, so we can waive these fees in certain situations. However, if you’ve cancelled last minute or no-showed on a number of occasions, we will require you to pay any outstanding fees prior to booking more appointments.

It’s also important to understand that your pain may fluctuate over the course of treatment and before completing your treatment plan. We know it can be really tough at times to get things done if you’re experiencing increased pain, but you should keep your appointment whenever possible – there are plenty of things we can do to help lessen your pain. It also allows us to better understand your pain and see it in all its different (glorious?) forms. Likewise, if you’re experiencing decreased pain, keeping your appointment will improve your chances of a full recovery and help prevent or lessen future episodes.


We know these policies are in multiple locations on our website, but here they are once more with feeling:

  1. We require at least 24 hours’ notice (48 hours for Chris Lamb‘s clients) to change or cancel an appointment. Clients who do not attend a scheduled appointment or who change/cancel their appointment within 24/48 hours of the scheduled appointment will be responsible for 50% of the appointment fee for private pay sessions, $40 for ICBC sessions, and the full user fee for MSP sessions. This charge cannot be billed to insurance providers and must be paid on or before your next visit.
  2. If you are late for an appointment, you will be seen as soon as possible, and for the length of time remaining in your appointment. We may be able to spend a few extra minutes with you, but this will depend on your therapist’s schedule. It may also mean we need to cancel and reschedule your appointment and a late cancel fee may be charged (as stated above) at the discretion of your therapist.
  3. For WorkSafeBC and ICBC insurance clients, we are obligated to inform your claims adjuster of any missed treatment sessions.